NOEMIX: e-vehicles for public administrations. Area science park and UniTs are in

15 May 2018

In the near future, Friuli Venezia Giulia could be the first region in Italy to have a huge number of electric vehicles serving its Public Administrations (PAs). It’s named NOEMIX and is an innovative e-car sharing service for PAs. It is developed by NeMo (New Mobility in Friuli Venezia Giulia) and will be available in 2019. With the support of the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 R&I programme, NeMo aims to support the transition to a low-carbon economy by reducing urban pollution caused by motor vehicles. FVG Region leads the team working on this project, which also involves Area Science Park, for technical scientific planning and coordination, and the University of Trieste, which has been analysing the mobility needs of PAs in FVG.
Aggregating the needs of different PAs in order to provide a centralized e-mobility service managed by private operators represents a major innovative aspect of this project. Along with car-sharing and car-leasing services, and softwares required for PA’s mobility management and optimization, NOEMIX package also envisages the placement of chargepoints, as well as the production of electric energy from renewable sources.
The results from an analysis preliminarly carried out in 2016, showed that mobility needs of FVG PAs (the regional authority and county seats, health authorities, port authorities for the Eastern Adriatic Sea, research centers and universities) are satisfied with at least 1500 vehicles, which usually travel 50 km per day, mainly in urban areas. 70% of these vehicles are underused.
«NOEMIX will introduce in regional PAs’ fleets at least 560 electric cars, 660 chargepoints and infrastructures for the generation of energy from renewable sources. The aim is that this will cover 50% of the power supply, while the other 50% will come from self-production of energy or certified green electricity», commented Fabio Morea, energy efficiency and innovation expert at Area Science Park.


Loredana Masé