Noemix takes part into the Urban Transport Community’s online event on electromobility

25 November 2020

Last date today for the Webinar series "Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean" organized by the Urban Transport Community, in the frame of the Interreg program Mediterranean.

An event entitled 'Electromobility: urban planning impact of technology trends' will close the initiative, focusing on:

  • the theme of electric mobility as an alternative option to lead the the green transition of the cities of the Mediterranean area;
  • the impact that the increasing number of recharging electric vehicles is having on the energy network;
  • the novel opportunities that emerging technologies are creating. 

Talking about electric mobility means talking about Noemix too. Noemix's experience with electric car-sharing for the public administrations will be presented and discussed during the webinar, as part of an analysis of the strategies that different cities have adopted to support the uptake of electric mobility solutions.

To find out more about this event or participate, visit the webinar page on the Interreg Mediterranean project website and download the program.

Image credits: urban-transports.interreg-med.eu