Full speed ahead with Noemix!

07 December 2018

Friuli Venezia Giulia Region has confirmed: it will keep on realizing a change of course towards cleaner mobility by promoting the Noemix service. «This initiative is first in Europe», commented the councillor for The Environment and Energy Fabio Scoccimarro, who supported the action, «and through it we will be able to phase out about 800 cars running on gasoline or diesel, and replace them with 640 e-vehicles. The expected positive impact on the environment will be significant. Moreover, introducing a service of car-sharing among diverse public institutions, there will be a substantial reduction of the number of circulating vehicles, with a positive effects on traffic load».
As the definition phase of the project is concluded, a dialogue will be undertaken with the deputy governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia Riccardo Riccardi, who is also the Health delegate for FVG. Indeed, FVG Healthcare fleets are among the first targets. Noemix will also engage the councillor for local authorities Pierpaolo Roberti and a special administrative body, the Centrale Unica di Committenza (C.U.C.). Along with the renewal of PAs’ fleets, there will be the placement of over 600 chargepoints meant to mainly use energy from renewable sources. Successfully combining the different needs of diverse public bodies in FVG will make it possible to implement a centralised service that will be managed by a public-private partnership. These were the concluding remarks of the concillor for Environment and Energy.

Expectations vs reality: Udine hosted the 1st E-mobility Day

Last December the 5th Udine hosted the 1st E-Mobility Day at Palazzo D’Aronco. The event was organized by Bluenergy Group, a key provider of light, gas and other services in Northern Italy, together with Renault Italia and Scame Parre.
Region delegate Fabio Scoccimarro and the municipal councilor for Productive Activities, Turism and Events.
The event represented the occasion to discuss about the attitude of municipalities towards e-mobility and its benefits. Professor Salvatore Amaduzzi, sustainable mobility manager at the University of Udine, presented the results of a survey on e-mobility carried out on 900 users, among students, researchers, and administrative staff. «People turned out to be scarcely informed or willing to deal with the pros and cons of e-mobility» reported Amaduzzi on Il Gazzettino (12/06/2018). Although the majority of people that have been interviewed very well know that e-cars are safer than traditional vehicles, they think that the limited number of charging infrastructures, the higher cost of e-vehicles, as well as the scarce efficiency of batteries cause a stall of this sector. More than 80% of people that have been interviewed think that PAs should invest in the creating a net of chargepoints and e- car-sharing services.

Greener cities with Noemix

Looking at this scenario, the relevance of Noemix stands clearly. It will offer a valuable service in FVG, supporting the Region in the transition to ubarn e-mobility. This is key to combat climate change and its dramatic effects. These topics were at the core of the recent Un Conference in Katowice (Poland).
Noemix aims to make Friuli Venezia Giulia the first region in Italy with a huge number of e-vehicles in the fleets of PAs, and with a number of charging infrastructures that will encourage citizens to prefer e-cars.